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Based out of Pittsburgh, PA, The House Band has been electrifying audiences since 2012 playing a unique variety of the most recognizable songs from the 60’s to today while creating a mesmerizing blend of musical genres from rock to country and pop. With their tight and upbeat sound combined with high- energy performances, this prodigious group of diverse musicians has been building a buzz in the Pennsylvania, Maryland, and West Virginia music scenes since extensively touring over the past three years.

Longtime friends and band mates, Eric Hartman and Paul Baker started the band in 2012 after playing in various other bands around the Pittsburgh and surrounding areas. Fueled by their mutual love of rock n’ roll and country, the two recognized an immediate need for a diverse band that could provide great entertainment to all music lovers at each and every show. In 2014, the band received a breath of fresh air when lead vocalist and former American Idol contestant Samantha Novacek joined the band. Samantha’s powerful vocals and youthful energy combined with her outgoing and friendly personality captivate any audience and bring them to their feet song after song. With the addition of master guitarist/vocalist Eric Simon and legendary guitarist/ vocalist Jason Kotz in 2015, the combination of talents has created a vibrant and powerful sound that has people dancing and singing throughout the entire performance.

The House Band is extremely dedicated its devoted fans in the Tri-State area, and it is always looking to expand its horizons and move into new markets. Working on the release of their first original EP in 2015, The House Band is excited about their future and is looking forward to continuing touring and entertaining audiences throughout the Tri-State area. When asked why we do what we do? Samantha says it best… “I enjoy connecting with people on that emotional and creative level. When people tell me they get chills or tear up from certain songs I sing, it reminds me that we can all relate to something in one another, whether it be happiness, heartbreak, joy, or frustration. We are not alone!”
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